There’s more to the Middle East than Dubai


There’s more to the Middle East than Dubai

As the retail sector in the Middle East continues to flourish, the bright lights, iconic malls and booming tourism trade of Dubai means the city is a hotspot attracting many senior retail executives looking to make a career move to the Middle East. However, our trip to the Middle East earlier this year enabled us to experience at first hand the variety of opportunities that exist across the region.

Kuwait, whilst it can be overshadowed by its neighbour, is still a key player in the region’s retail sector attracting international brands and high-flying business men and women from across the globe.

Great economic development means the region is rapidly gaining its share of the spotlight and many British brands are beginning to focus on expansion opportunities in the area too.

Offering great career stability, namely down to a strong domestic market and its non-reliance on tourism, Kuwait also offers a high standard of living, has a focus on bettering its education system and can boast high salaries and the benefit of tax-free earnings.

Whilst this does make Kuwait an attractive relocation prospect – candidates shouldn’t look at an International move based on the lifestyle benefits alone.

It should be noted that Kuwait does not allow alcohol consumption, and it is a little less frantic than the Dubai lifestyle, but our personal view was it offered a great environment for more laid-back living, and in particular would suit retailers who may relocate with family in tow.

The job market in the small Gulf state is competitive, but relevant experience, demonstrating commitment and motivation and respecting the local culture will see rewarding and exciting retail job opportunities emerging.

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