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Richard Sims

What was your biggest career break?

My biggest break was also my worst moment I was made redundant by a company when I was 26 and had just got married and brought a new house , It taught me a lot about work and life. From thinking that I had a right to a good job i learnt that I had to earn it every day. From that day it made me step up a few gears.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?

Always set the best example you can.

What’s your top interview tip?

Do your research thoroughly, understand the company and the role you are applying for.

If you are clear about these then you can focus your discussions in an interview in the right way.

What skills do you look for in new recruits?

Great listening and communications skills.

What’s your favourite wardrobe item?

Its very boring, a blue blazer that I had made several years ago, it was expensive but it fits well and its great quality . When I’m travelling its a fantastically practical item and helps me travel light, you can wear it for a smart business day and it’s then great for the times when you get an invite to a function and you are required to wear that horrible phrase “smart casual”.

When I’m not working I like to…..

I have two passions outside work apart from my family, Southampton FC and golf . Both cause me deep frustration and on rare occasions great pleasure!