Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

At court & spark we have built a strong reputation for our honesty, integrity and our personal, dedicated approach. People trust us and trust our judgement and we are proud of our relationships with our clients.

Through our Executive Search and business experience over the past 30 years we have gained in-depth insight to and awareness of the challenges people and businesses face. Our new Coaching Practice offers clients and individuals a range of coaching programmes to support them through periods of change and development within their careers. Our key areas of focus are: Onboarding, Top Talent and Career Transition.

Our aim is to make coaching accessible to leaders and managers so it becomes a natural part of what successful people do.


Our Onboarding programme is designed to support new senior hires through their first three months, to facilitate their integration into the organisation so they can perform at their best.

We will support individuals to set realistic and achievable goals for the first three, six and twelve months; create productive stakeholder engagement plans; develop self-confidence during a period of time when even the most confident of people may feel insecure; deal with any specific challenges that may come up in the first three months of employment.

Top Talent

We have a passion for helping individuals to reach their full potential, challenging thinking and assumptions, eliciting new insights and helping them to achieve significant shifts in confidence, awareness and understanding.

Our approach is commercial, pragmatic and focused. We draw on our experience to establish strong working relationships based on trust and rapport to support sound coaching principles and well validated techniques.

Through our tailored coaching programmes we help your top talent to transform their performance and have a positive impact on their personal and business results.

Career Transition

Career Transition Coaching can be critical in supporting and engaging talent through times of instability, providing a positive focus and enabling individual ownership of change.

We use our knowledge of business and personal dynamics to ensure individuals are successful in their career transitions.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics can be found here.