Executive Coaching

We work with businesses to support high performers and top talent to develop and change thinking and behaviours that will enhance their development and future potential. On a foundation of trust and underpinned by sound coaching principles and techniques, we tailor the coaching programme to each individual or team. Our approach is action and outcome focused.

"The whole experience was very energising and helped me believe I could make changes happen."


Career Coaching

We also work with individuals experiencing a career transition; helping them take the next step in their career and their life at a time of change such as a promotion, a change of role, career direction, role responsibilities or when returning to work following a break or even retirement.

We believe it’s important that your coaching experience fits in with your life. That’s why we offer flexibility for coaching sessions. We can flex the length of the coaching programme, the individual coaching sessions and the format to suit the individual.

Types of coaching

In person

Our in person coaching sessions take place at The Century Club in central London.

This venue offers a relaxed environment with plenty of private spaces to have discrete conversations. In person coaching is re-emerging as a popular choice and way of re-connecting and sparking coaching conversations.


Remote coaching can offer convenience and flexibility when time is tight and location doesn’t allow for in person coaching. A Zoom or Teams call still allows for face to face coaching experience and we also offer coaching by telephone for those preferring an audio experience. Remote coaching can also be out of working hours to fit in with busy schedules.


We are pleased to offer the opportunity for coaching sessions in open spaces - either in the parks of Central London or on the Isle of Wight.

In addition to the health benefits, we have found that walking side by side with your coach can shift thinking and make for a more relaxed session.