coaching reputation

Over 20 years, we have developed many long-term business relationships, based on trust and integrity. Here are some comments that business leaders and individual coaching clients have been kind enough to share:

“On leaving the Jamie Oliver group after seven years as CEO I asked Claire to help me construct a CV, a task I hadn’t undertaken in over 20 years. Our biweekly sessions were constructive, clear and concise with lots of info about how a CV should look and how it can and should be tailored to individual needs. An unexpected bonus of working with Claire was the coaching element she brought to each session.

We worked on the personal side of transitioning from a CEO role and how to assess what the next stage of my career should look like. Her vast experience and emotional intelligence were a real help and I really looked forward to our meetings.”

Paul Hunt

“I had the pleasure of working with Sue Willis during her tenure supporting our senior leadership team and middle managers at the Unbound Group. Sue’s professionalism and calm demeanour were immediately evident, setting a positive tone for our coaching sessions.

Our objective was to enhance our team’s performance and cultivate essential leadership skills, and Sue played a pivotal role in achieving these goals. The investment in her coaching services was met with resounding approval from the team, as it instilled confidence and underscored our commitment to their professional development.

Through Sue’s expert guidance and support, our team experienced remarkable growth in confidence, adeptly navigated challenging situations with poise, and witnessed a tangible increase in productivity. Her wealth of knowledge and personalised approach resonated deeply with our team members, empowering them to excel in their roles.

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Sue Willis for any organisation seeking to elevate its team’s capabilities and drive performance. In fact, I am continuing to leverage her services in my current business endeavours, confident in the transformative impact she brings.”

Vicky Inman, Head of HR Unbound Group (Hotter Shoes)

“Claire is somebody that I respected due to the support she had given me with recruitment and when I learnt she had coaching sessions available I was keen to join. We agreed my objectives for the coaching sessions at the start of the programme. The coaching allowed me to explore my strengths and important focus areas in life, both work and personal goals. 

Claire asked challenging questions and encouraged me throughout the programme. Claire gave me several tips me to improve my networking skills and increase my involvement and participation in LinkedIn. I would highly recommend Claire to colleagues and friends especially if you want to brainstorm transferable skills and explore new career opportunities.”

Tim Heaney

“I asked Sue to support a number individuals affected by a redundancy situation as she could bring an unrivalled combination of executive coaching expertise, outplacement support and career guidance counselling. Alongside her skills and experience as headhunter/ search consultant, the combination of all four skillsets makes Sue unique in the market, and means that she can tailor the programme she provides to the needs of each individual in supporting them in their career pathway.”

Victoria Hodges, HR Consultant to FTSE 250 Property Company

“Whilst working through a crossroads in my career during Covid-19 Claire really helped me to understand what I had enjoyed and achieved in my career to date and helped me explore what I wanted to achieve going forward in the short, medium and long term both professionally and personally. Claire has a fantastic balance of both coaching and mentoring so that you get the most out of every session you have with her. She builds trust and rapport quickly and is really invested in making sure you get the most out of your time with her. 

I have worked with Claire in the past when she placed me with some incredible companies, and I really trust her insight, experience and advice. I have come away from my sessions feeling more focused and confident, I also know that Claire is still there in the background, and she is someone I will call on for future sessions.”

Hilary Palmer

“Having participated in both “face to face” coaching and “walking” coaching, I can now honestly say I am a convert to the latter! With “walking” coaching you are on the move most of the time, which I found energises your thinking and most certainly improves your resourcefulness and imagination in breaking through any issues that are under discussion. I found it is a great way to challenge your thinking to new horizons and to stretch yourself mentally and physically – and it helps if you are walking in an amazing and inspiring landscape. I always leave these sessions with Claire far more inspired and motivated than participating in the more traditional methods of coaching.”

Helen Marshall

“Claire, you listened well and steered me expertly with your careful choice of questions. I also felt like this wasn’t just a job for you, that you really cared about helping me to make positive progress in my thinking and approach to job hunting.”

Ruth Jackson

“A positive experience overall, on a practical level the guidance given around my use of linked in and on a personal level the ability to have open and honest discussions about where I go next with my career. Also being challenged on my thinking and decision making which will help me going forward.”

Ian Jones

“Learning to respond rather than react will be a recurring theme to help me evolve, thank you Claire.”

Charlotte Stephenson-Hart

“Claire’s experience and input was incredibly valuable to me as it highlighted areas that I needed to focus on and showed me areas that I already excelled at. I would recommend Claire to anyone thinking of going for an interview as an essential part of their preparation.”

Caroline Guy

“Claire made me think about things more ‘holistically’ as well as giving me a couple of practical tools I could use going forward.”

Antony Smith

“I found this valuable through transitions of roles and personal bumps in the road and it has greatly helped me take a step back out of a busy environment and appreciate what I have accomplished and view my capabilities in a new light.”

Stephanie Dixon

“I have really benefited from my time with Claire, her gentle and supportive style whilst asking questions that made me reflect and think differently have helped me tremendously. Looking back, I can see how much I have learnt/ grown. A really worthwhile experience, highly recommended”. 

Vicki Hart-Mclaren

“Sue formulated a career vision for me after I was made redundant. By expertly facilitating the sessions, Sue enabled me to explore what makes me tick, and what I wanted from this stage in my career.  Working with Sue renewed my energy and purpose, and ensured my career goals were aligned to my personal strengths and values. It was a pleasure working with Sue and I would highly recommend her.”

Zillah Brown, Merchandise Director