Are you Pinterested?


Are you Pinterested?

With 4000% growth in its user base since its launch last year it looks like Pinterest may mature into mainstream use – so what’s it all about and how can Pinterest be used by retailers and retail executives?

First of all, let’s look at the basics. Pinterest is a bookmarking website which you can use to bring together a variety of content that you might have found all over the web. Once you’re signed up to create a Pinterest account you create an online pinboard – a ‘board’ – which you can then ‘pin’ content too in relation to a particular theme which you might find in sites all across the web.

Pinterest uses a ‘wedding planner’ theme as a great way to explain how Pinterest works. Brides-to-be in particular might ‘pin’ wedding items they find on the web, whether its cake ideas, decorations, clothing, on a wedding ‘board’ and in one snapshot they’re be able to see all the things they have found. Apart from saving on printing out loads of web pages, a useful Pinterest feature is the sharing functionality on facebook and twitter, so you can share the board with whoever might be interested in the same theme. For the bride-to-be it might be the fiancée, parents, bridesmaids or other brides who are looking for inspiration from fellow wedding planners.

For retailers Pinterest is a great PR and sales tool as the sharing functionality enables your consumers to showcase your items out to their followers, but the content will always link back to the original website where it was found. So if a Pinterest user ‘pins’ your content to one of their boards, whether its fashion, for the home or something else, they’ll not only be PR-ing your product, but helping friends and followers to track back to your site to make a purchase.

If you’re a job hunter, particularly in the creative sector, Pinterest is a great way to showcase your portfolio, and businesses can use the site to bring their client list and business achievements to life in a much more interesting way. court & spark has just created our own Pinterest site – so take a look and feel free to ‘re-pin’!